AH Spanish Listening

Here is the link to —> Mi Super Pared Española (Advanced Higher Listening)


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S4 Spanish Library Work

BBC Video hobbies Library period

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Open Day at University of Stirling

On Wednesday 14th June, pupils just beginning French Highers and Advanced Highers got a chance to find out what studying a language at University is like.

The day started with a mini-lecture on contemporary French society before the pupils were split into smaller seminar groups for a written language class in the morning. After lunch, it was back into smaller groups for a culture class focusing on extracts from a series of auto-portraits written by school pupils from Clichy-sous-Bois. The final session of the day brought all the pupils back together again for a series of presentations from a group of this year’s finalists, all talking about the benefits of Study Abroad and time abroad more generally, and then an employability-focused talk from the Employability and Skills Officer and a group of graduates from the past few years, talking about where French has taken them.

Pupils said:

“I learned a lot about what it’s like in Uni and the hard work you have to put in and the types of career paths you can have by learning French”

“It was good to work with other schools and learn about potential career options and hear from the students and graduates”

“I got to experience what a French course at University was like”

“I found the talks about studying abroad very interesting and it was good to hear from other students”

“It was good to find out what a Uni lecture was like”

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Spanish Resources

Hola alumnos,

Below you will find a link to our new Spanish “padlet”. On this page you will find various listening activities with questions to answer. These are all National 5 level tasks, but would be excellent practice for any pupils in the Higher class who are new to Spanish or would like to brush up their listening skills. Listen to the audio clip 3 times, write your answers in your jotter and Miss Kemp will be happy to mark them for you in school.

Buena suerte!

Srta. Kemp

Link: https://padlet.com/mkemp5/m5sw1hv2iw71


Plaza de España, Sevilla

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S1 Speaking Test Help

If you are in S1 and would like some help to prepare for your Speaking test, follow the link below!


Good luck!


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Spanish Quizlet Revision

Here is an excellent link to a Quizlet that’s been made up by a Spanish teacher for National 4 and 5 pupils in Scotland.

There is plenty here to keep you going and it’s a fun way of revising the different topics that will be covered in the exam 🙂


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S2 Spanish Resources

Click here to access the vocabulary and research booklets for S2 Spanish –



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