Your Teachers and Classrooms

In the Modern Languages department at Bearsden Academy there are 9 teachers.  Find us in the Modern Languages corridor if you need any help or advice.

Mrs McIntyre PT (French/Spanish)

Mrs Duncan PT Guidance (French/German)

Mrs Macfarlane (French/Spanish)

Ms Kemp (French/Spanish)

Mr Gervaise (French/Spanish)

Mr Connolly (French/German)

Ms Genebre (French)

Mrs Grehan's class

RF class

JM class

BM class

LD class


13 Responses to Your Teachers and Classrooms

  1. Lewis Donaldson 2.F says:


  2. Michael Crabbe says:

    Best teacher ever !!!

  3. Adam says:


  4. Adam says:

    you rock Mr Connolly

  5. mark2f says:

    miss fleming what have I to revise for the reading test?

  6. HosamYousef says:

    Miss grehan what was the homework again, me and michael forgot =S

  7. Arman2E says:

    Mrs Macfarlane, what do I revise for the monitoring test. Do I revise all the words I wrote on the sheet?

  8. MrConnolyFan2003 says:

    Mr Connolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love mr Connolly ❤

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