Helping with Homework

Homework is an essential part of teaching and helps to establish a routine of high expectations and achievement. In Modern Languages, homework is issued after every lesson. Its purpose is to promote the learning of the relevant material and to consolidate previous learning. Homework will challenge all pupils and provide them with opportunities for personal achievement. Pupils will have an element of personalisation and choice where appropriate. The amount of homework set and the level of the task will be in-line with the level of the pupils’ ability. Homework tasks are explained in detail by the teacher and pupils should always note the task carefully in their homework diary. The bulk of homework issued in Modern Languages in S3 and S4 will take the form of learning vocabulary or preparing for specific Speaking and Writing tasks, and written homework will also be given at times. In addition, we encourage pupils to use the internet to enrich their learning and develop their skills. We recommend the following websites in particular:

(There are links to these websites and others on this BLOG)

Time: The time required to be spent on homework tasks will vary, but on average should be approximately 25 minutes per night in S3 and S4. In S5 and S6 a wider range of homework tasks will be set in line with the demands of the course. Tasks may include reading exercises, essay writing, preparation for NABs and learning vocabulary and grammar. The time required to be spent on homework is likely to be 30 – 45 minutes per night, depending on the task.

Role of Parents: Parents may assist their children with homework tasks in a variety of ways, for example by testing them on vocabulary. This is quite effective even where parents have no knowledge of the language. Parents can also check that written tasks are neat and legible with a date and heading. Parents can help greatly simply by checking that their child is using their homework diary effectively and by encouraging their child to have a positive attitude.


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