French Exchange

At Bearsden Academy, pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a French Exchange with a school in St Malo, a pretty coastal town in Brittany.  2014 will be the 5th successful year of our exchange!

In June, a group of around 30 French pupils will come to Scotland to stay with their partner for around 6 days.  The weekend is usually free to spend time with families, but during the week the French pupils spend a day in school, visit Edinburgh and Glasgow and in the evenings activities are planned for Scottish and French pupils such as bowling and a ceilidh.

In October, we get the chance to go to St Malo to stay with our partners.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to visit the town of St Malo itself, Dinan, Rennes and le Mont St Michel.  The stay in France is memorable and pupils get the chance to practise their French!

If you are interested, have a look at some of the pictures from this year’s exchange!

Here is a link to the Lycée Jacques Cartier’s website –


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