Latest French Exchange news!

24/4/14 – There will be a meeting on FRIDAY the 25TH of APRIL.  Make sure you come along to F036 at 1:30 as you will be finding out who your French partner is! 🙂

saint malo

2/11/13 – It’s that time of year again!  Soon we will be recruiting for the 2014 French Exchange.  After a wonderful trip to France in October, Mrs Mackay, Miss Maxwell and I are looking forward to starting the process all over again.  At the S3 Parents’ Night there will be a French Exchange stand with some photos and quotes from pupils.  Feel free to come along and chat to some pupils who did the 2013 Exchange.

16/5/13 – New information from the parents’ evening!

Frex5 Frex6 Frex1

Salut les élèves!

It’s not long until the French pupils arrive – look at the countdown timer!

Last night we had a parents’ meeting and we handed out the itinerary, codes of conduct (to be signed by all pupils and parents) and consent forms for the activities you will be involved in. A link to the codes of conduct and the itinerary can be found below.

If you were unable to make the meeting, please have a look at the links below and see us as soon as possible to get any letters you need.

itinerary for pupils 2013

Code of conduct hosting

18/4/13 – Mrs Grehan and I have almost finished matching up the pupils!  We will hold a meeting early next week to give you this information.  🙂

29/11/12 – You can now collect a letter for next year’s French Exchange!  See Miss Fleming (F036) or Mrs Grehan (F031) as soon as possible.  There is a lot of interest and places are filling up quickly! 😀

24/10/12 – Next week we will be opening up the registration for next year’s French Exchange!  Pupils in S3 and above can apply.  Only 7 months to go until the French pupils arrive! 🙂


9 Responses to Latest French Exchange news!

  1. Lewis says:

    Miss fleming can u tell me when i will know if i have a place on the french exchange trip, because i am a bit confused? If i had a place would i be expecting a french pupil to stay with me in june 2013? Thanks Lewis.

  2. Rachael Fortune says:

    when do we find out who has got a place??? thanks Rachael Fortune

  3. Rachael Fortune says:

    Where abouts in france are we going because i’m trying to look up my french person on FaceBook and it is really hard when you dont know where we are going!!! and also when in the parents going to have a meeting about this because i think my mum has Questions!!! x Thanks Rachael Fortune

    • bearsdenmfl says:

      Hi Rachael,
      It’s Saint Malo in Brittany. The French pupils will be getting a list of the partners too, so they will be looking for you as well, probably this weekend! There will be a parents’ meeting at the end of in May just before the pupils arrive. If your Mum has any urgent questions she can contact me or Mrs Grehan at school, or just write down a wee list and we will answer the questions on Monday.
      Bon week-end!
      Mme Fleming

  4. Rachael Fortune says:

    thanks, i think you should expect a visit from me or a call from my mum soon! she has many questions to ask!!!!!!!

  5. Rachael Fortune says:

    Only 10 days until they arrive!!! Cant wait any longer xoxoxox

  6. Rachael Fortune says:

    miss, Monday afternoon it says the scottish and french pupils are going to a Civic Reception- does the Scottish people ware their non-uniforms or their uniforms? also on Tuesday for Mugdock do the scottish ware non-uniform all day or not? x
    please reply asap!

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