S4 Revision

Salut tout le monde!

Below are some links that are very useful for exam revision at home.

Linguascope is great for basic vocabulary revision!

The ‘Walk, Talk and Learn French’ videos that you find on youtube are helpful, especially for Credit Reading and Listening revision!

Languages Online is a fantastic website for revision of vocabulary and grammar.  This will suit all levels.  Have a hunt about for any topics you feel you need to practise.

For Listening practice, go onto iTunes and browse the podcasts.  If you search for ‘Learn French’ you will see that there are hundreds of great podcasts for all levels, so download a few and see if you can find one you like!  (If you happen to find a good one, tell your teacher what it’s called so we can recommend it to others!)

The Ashcombe school website has a range of video clips that you can use for Listening practice.

For Reading practice, visit the Wild French site.  For National 4 level see the ‘Foundation’ questions and for National 5 see the ‘Higher’ questions.  You can check your answers too so it’s a really useful resource!

Good luck everyone!

Here is an A-Z revision tips Powerpoint to help you revise Listening vocabulary


This is a helpful Listening revision booklet




5 Responses to Revision

  1. Rachael fortune says:

    What’s the username and password for linguascope?🇪🇸🇫🇷🗼 x

  2. bearsdenmfl says:

    Hi Rachael, we can’t publish it online as it’s a secure username and password, but come and see us on Monday and we can tell you in person!

    Mme Fleming

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