S3 Spanish


¡Hola todo el mundo!

It’s been a busy couple of periods with prize giving etc.
As you know we are preparing a writing piece for Valentin, the movie. Here are copies of the slides we looked at in class to aid you in your preparations.
Remember first drafts should be with me no later than Wednesday 5th June.
valentin1 valentin2 valentin3 valentin5

As a follow up assessment, you will be expected to do a presentation about the film. This should last between 1-2 minutes. You will then be asked some follow up questions on your opinions about television and cinema. You can see a note of the types of things you will be asked below. Good luck in your preparations!
valentin7 valentin6 valentin8

S3 Exams

Tenemos que estudiar un poco.

Remember as part of the S3 assessments you will have both a reading and a listening test. We have had some practice in class but you should be doing some extra revision at home. Here is some advice:
– Use your vocab booklets and backs of jotters for basic vocabulary revision
– Access this site and type in General level Spanish past papers for more practice of the
types of assessments we have done before in class. SQA Past Papers
– Use Languages Online to practice food vocabularly in case that should crop up
– Access Spanish video resources here too!
¡ Buena suerte!

Hola S3 Spanish
Welcome to the blog!
Good luck creating your family tree in Spanish this weekend.
For extra vocab, click the tree below to access the document.
¡Buena Suerte!


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